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¿noʎ ʍouʞ ı op 'ʎɥʍ

˙uooɯ ǝɥʇ uo ʎןʇuǝɹɹnɔ ǝɹɐ noʎ

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Camilla Dixton - The Dream Machine
Artistic, dreamy, creative, non-unintelligent, obscure, optimistic realist, crazy oddball, medicated, living in an orderly chaos, silly. My personalities pretty much cover a broad spectrum.

In life, I aim to see all the sides of things, and I have a strong sense for justice. This also makes me a bit of a psychopathic vigilante at times. At those times, I do always put stress on being a good judge of character and/or situation.

You may know me for a long time, but I still manage to surprise most. I like surprises, so I hope you do too.

Most of the time that I spend alone (too much I'm afraid) I read (sci-fi/fantasy/horror/poetry etc..), and also write short stories which sometimes vaguely remind me of my own tragicomic life and entanglements.
Poetry-writing is also close to my heart (please add my art-journal diemuse if art in its many forms interests you).

I do draw a lot as well, and my marketing/economy notebooks are more filled with tiny fairies and gnomes rather than the parabels and graphic statistics exercises. I may have a little focusing problem in class, but compensate for it by reading tons.

Two things have kept me motivated and going. Humor, and music. Deprive me of my mp3- and record collection, and I'll just be waiting for someone to come and drill a hole in my head and fish out my humour-cells.

I like a lot of stuff from different genres. I guess most things just speak to me in their own, unique language.
Mostly I have a love for languishing tunes
But it's hard for me to tell what in music exactly brings me that feeling...put on a happy song, and I might find it very melancholic. Which - btw - I love.

What really makes my heart beat though is basically anything synthetic/electro like eg.
Depeche Mode, Alphaville, A-ha, The Cure, Ultravox, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Simple Minds, Ultravox (the Midge Ure line-up), Gary Numan, Tears for Fears, Das Ich, Legowelt...
It doesn't all need to be synthetic though, be it that it makes me see these amazing arrays of colors and abstraction whenever I tune in, or relive true or imaginary experiences through the channel of pure emotion. Joy Division, The Smiths and Jefferson Airplane are good examples of non-synthetic bliss.
Not all of them are obviously wistful, but most evenso create such a longing feeling inside of me which I cannot explain...as I said, I easily find even very upbeat songs to have a melancholic meaning for me.

Because of that fact, I always wanted to be born 20 years earlier. Just to experience the most fantastic era in music, the 80's. The golden time of all things synth.
That is one reason too, that I get melancholic when I listen to any song that has the right 80's synth-sound.

And this then is amongst other things how life enjoys kicking me around ;) - and what I try to express in my melodies...which have a slight tendency to the minor.

Movies are also one way of escapism for me (to put me in another world for awhile - I often am left stuck in there even when it's over).
I love the vividness and idealism of Kubrick and the obscure filmings of Carpenter and Tim Burton (from which the first one I love because of the way he combines picture and sound)...but my all-time-favorite director is definitely David Cronenberg (Videodrome, The Fly, Spider etc.)
I do take influences from these directors, and like filming small "movies" whenever getting my hands on a video-cam :)

You might love me, you might hate me. You might also not give the proverbial rodent's posterior about me. Either way, feel free to add me if you like my LJ, but don't feel crushed if I don't add you back. There might be several reasons for this.

a) At the moment I have such a full friends-list (alternatively, verbally vomiting friends), that I can't possibly fill it up more in case I want to read it all (or at least 90 % of it).

b) You write your LJ in a language I don't comprehend (these languages include everything but English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Dutch, and languages very similar to these)

c) I don't like you because you are a homophobe/airhead/just a regular asshole in general.

d) Very plausible, and brutal but true: YOU JUST AIN'T THAT INTERESTING. Suck it up. Now, scram.

Eitherhow - you are welcome to read!

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